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Representing the profession

Who does the VDL represent? What role does it play and how does it conduct its business? You will find answers to these and other questions here.

The VDL (Berufsverband Agrar Ernährung Umwelt) is the professional organisation representing graduates and students of

  • Agricultural Science
  • Nutrition and Domestic Economy
  • Landscape and Countryside Maintenance
  • Environmental Management
  • and related disciplines

as well as those engaged in similar activities who are interested in the work of the association.

The VDL is charged with promoting science, research and teaching in the relevant disciplines and to promote this work to the general public. The association provides support to secure the traditional roles of the professions in the agricultural and food industries and to discover and define new areas of responsibility for the “green” professions.

The work of the VDL is organised in special interest groups (Fachgruppen) at state (Länder) and federal (Bund) level, each comprising specialists from the fields of Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment to address specific themes and topics. Priorities are placed on subject matters of specific interest, as well as the more generic themes of 3rd level education, apprenticeships and professional practice.

The VDL federal association comprises 12 VDL state associations as well as the BHGL (the German Association of Landscape Engineers and Architects) and currently represents about 4000 members.

Through its own membership in the Deutschen Beamtenbund (Association of Civil Servants), in the ULA (Association of German Managers and Business Leaders) and in the European Association of Agricultural Engineers (CEDIA), the VDL promotes the socio-political and professional interests of its membership across a variety of forums.

More Information

For more information please contact:

Dr. Astrid Kubatsch
Claire Waldoff-Str. 7
10117 Berlin